Suburbanoid Live performances

Live Music


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My recent performance with Hans Joachim Roedelius

at Beatrice Wood center for the arts



Live performances by Jim of Suburbanoid


 jim-smjim-ebow-electricsitar live

(Composer, multi -instrumentalist , vocalist )

offers a wide variety of musical

styles ( all original music)

*listening with headphones is recommended for this website 🙂

Suburbanoid Show 1

–  offers  a intimate relaxing ambient instrumental style ( great for,  live music with Yoga and Meditation and other Festival and  events of that style),  wanting a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sample ( mix of 6 songs)-


Suburbanoid show 2

offers a more complete live show .Ranging from a relaxing side to drum and bass electronic side with acoustic songwriting styles in-between  to create a Smooth eclectic mix of music.

Great for-  Art/Music venues, Festivals ,Wineries/ Bars ,

coffee shops , art openings ect..



“Free Love”




Hollywood Blvd ( off our upcoming CD “Between Roasts”)





multi-media artists Jim and Bettie