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All music is  Pre-cleared and available for licensing . All music is written, arrange, performed and recorded by Jim of Suburbanoid . All copyrights and publishing rights are owned by the artist .

Below are few examples

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Ambient Instrumental Music

Wake Up ( Ambient electronic)

Ojai Birds ( Ambient electronic )  Meditative

Baby Steps ( Sitar and electronics) World music, peaceful

Sa ( Electric guitar and synthesizers) dreamy

Achieving Flight   ( Piano and electric guitar)  Mood driven, positive , uplifting

Raga  (electric guitar Synthesizers , accordion)  Deep mood ambience world music)



Music compositions  with vocals

Sunshine  ( Acoustic guitars , vocals,)

Watching the tube ( Alternative art music)

Angelina ( Acoustic guitar , Vocals sung in Italian)

Free luv ( World dance fusion) 

Way of truth and love ( Electronic chill music )

Louisiana ( New Orleans slow funk)


 Films credits for music used

Ojai birds

  “Reason ” ( music made for the movie Growthbusters )


“Moving along”   ( Suburbanoid appears in this film with his music, as a featured artist )



                              Two of Suburbanoid’s songs appear in this film and soundtrack




Baby Steps ( Sitar)


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For more information

Please email : Suburbanoid@gmail.com


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