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 recent live performances

“Roedelius Festival at Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts 2019”

Roedelius, Chaplin, Suburbanoid


CD  available soon on Beato records


coming soon also on Beato records

“Roedelius Festival at Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts  2017”

“Roedelius , Xambuca, Suburbanoid”

Double Cd Set






  •  compositions by Jim of Suburbanoid

Ojai Birds ( Ambient instrumental)

Angelina ( Vocal and acoustic guitar)

Wake UP ( Ambient instrumental)

Sunshine ( Vocal and acoustic guitar)

Way of truth and love ( drum and Bass)

Raga ( Ambient instrumental)



Jim of Suburbanoid

( Avant- garde,  Art music and film, ambient, new age, alternative,

rock , experimental, electronic and acoustic, sound designer )

Composer, musician, producer, artist, film maker

Instruments- guitars, piano, synthesizers, sitar, drums and vocals

Lable : Stank Mule Records, CD Baby

releases music as-
Suburbanoid, Suburbanoid Fatties,

Self-taught musician and artist . Began at the age of 12 and worked his way up. By the age of 20 he became a teacher of guitar and piano at the Queensboro Institute of Music, Queens , NYC

Recipient of two artist residence at the world renowned Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Ojai, CA

Nominated two times for the “Best unsigned artist in America” by Yamaha International Showcase

Actively performs as Suburbanoid and Suburbanoid Fatties releasing new music .

Music Director for Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts ( summer session)

Current and upcoming CD releases, Producer/Artist credits for 2019


        Roedelius  “Live at Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts”-  2 CD set ,                              recorded live at BWCA in October of 2017
                            Credit – producer, engineer, and guest musician   



                                    Suburbanoid Fatties ” Sample This” – 

                           written, arranged, produced, and performed .                            



                       Suburbanoid ” Malibu Fire sessions live at BWCA” –

                            written, arranged, produced, and performed.



Composing music in many styles . Jim’s music is considered by many to be an inspiring relaxing vibe.

His live performance varies from.

1. Ambient instrumental music.

Performed for Meditation/ Sound-bath and other  peaceful Ambient settings.

2. A performance of original music from ambient, acoustic and vocals to drum and bass.  Live  music venues

3. Full Show  music and visual performance

a live music and visual performance performed at art centers and other creative spaces, festivals

Contact : Suburbanoid@gmail.com

multi-media artists Jim and Bettie