Ambient relaxing music


music for meditation and relaxation

Lite Roast is a refreshing blend of uplifting harmony, haunting melody, and deep resonance, blending seamlessly to create an experience that will leave you relaxed and peaceful.
Lite Roast features Jim on guitar with an Ebow, (an electric device that simulates a bow to give the guitar an ethereal sound; allowing it to mimic strings, horns, and woodwinds.) and Bettie on accordion (played in a drone style).
The music was inspired by the beauty of the Ojai valley in southern California; and cultivated during live performances at local markets and Meditation Mount, one of the finest meditation retreats on the western coast. The song, “Ojai Birds”, features the gentle song of morning birds recorded spontaneously one day near the river bottom, in the town of Miner’s Oaks, west of Ojai.

Beloved for relaxation, sound bath/meditation , yoga and stress reduction

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New CD coming soon, ” Malibu Fire Sessions”



Live Videos recorded November 2018 at the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts. During our evacuation from the Malibu Fire ( Woolsey fire) .  We want to thank the art center for the two week artist residence that gave us the opportunity to get this work done

Suburbanoid  performing a section

from the CD “Lite Roast ‘ filmed during the Ojai pink moment”

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Suburbanoid performing “Raga” from Lite roast live at

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts


Suburbanoid performing “Ojai Birds ” from Lite roast live at

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts




multi-media artists Jim and Bettie