Suburbanoid Music


Suburbanoid has over 100 original music compositions available for film, TV, commercials, etc.

All songs have been written, arranged, produced, recorded, and performed by Jim and Bettie of Suburbanoid.

Ranging from ambient meditation to acoustic songwriter;

electronic drum and bass to punk rock .



Sunshine  (Between Roasts) – acoustic, vocals


Wake Up  (Lite Roast) – ambient


Free Love  (single) – drum and bass, vocals


Peace to Pieces  (Between Roast) – acoustic, vocals


Angelina  (Between Roast) – acoustic, vocals sung in Italian


Mankind  (Lite Roast) – ambient


Peculiar  (single) – Punk


Louisiana  (Adrift) – Blues , funk


Hollywood Blvd  (Between Roast) – acoustic, vocals


Way of truth and love  (single) – Drum and Bass

Raga  (Lite Roast) – Ambient






Lite Roast  (music for meditation and relaxation)


Lite Roast is a refreshing blend of uplifting harmony, haunting melody, and deep resonance, blending seamlessly to create an experience that will leave you relaxed and peaceful.
Lite Roast features Jim on guitar with an Ebow, (an electric device that simulates a bow to give the guitar an ethereal sound; allowing it to mimic strings, horns, and woodwinds.) and Bettie on accordion (played in a drone style).
The music was inspired by the beauty of the Ojai valley in southern California; and cultivated during live performances at local markets and Meditation Mount, one of the finest meditation retreats on the western coast. The song, “Ojai Birds”, features the gentle song of morning birds recorded spontaneously one day near the river bottom, in the town of Miner’s Oaks, west of Ojai.

Have a great day !
Jim and Bettie

All original relaxing music great for yoga, meditation, stress reduction, and all healing arts.

Lite Roast full CD download available for $ 10  BUY

Ojai Birds




~ ~ ~ ~ ~  Coming out fall 2018 – “Lite Roast 432”,  a 10 year anniversary reissue remastered at 432 kHz (the old standard tuning).   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Xpresso Blend

Our 3rd CD – Xpresso Blend  is a conceptual music and video  art piece  following in the style of Dark Roast,  but with the spirit of Lite Roast. It was first begun during our artist residence at the Beatrice Wood center for the Arts . For now we have put  Xpresso Blend on the shelf until a later time, waiting until we have the proper resources to finish it the way we envision it.




Adrift is a conceptual music EP,

created after our escape from
Hurricane Katrina.
Written and recorded while  living in Austin, TX  after the storm.

We are planing a 2018 EP  reissue of it

                                                   with a few updated versions

1. Louisiana



4. Wake up

5. Wasted



Between Roast


A  collection of acoustic and vocal songs,  some which are performed in Slack key.   ! coming soon!



Peace to Pieces-




Hollywood blvd-




Dark Roast







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